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We are Indonesia Natural Stone Supplier. Our Indonesia Natural Stone Supplier has many experience in Natural Stone Indonesia  Supplier to Asia, Europe, Australia, America, Africa. Our Indonesia Natural Stone Company will provide premium Quality Product with High Service. We are ready to provide any sample Natural Stone Indonesia for your Project. We will sent the sample for your company. Our Natural Stone Indonesia Supplier also will give best support to help you choice the best product for Your Company.

Our Supplier Natural Stone Indonesia will give best offer and shipping for your project to get. We all has choose best Material, Select best Quality and Packing your Indonesia Natural Stone tiles to keep it safe in shipping process. Lead Time Process for Indonesia Natural Stone has different time. It’s because Natural Stone Indonesia has different characteristic and hardness. So in offer of Indonesia natural Stone, we will give the estimation production time of Indonesia Natural Stone.

Natural Stone Indonesia Sample

Supplier Natural Stone Indonesia can provide many different Natural Stone Tiles. We can To be Green Sukabumi Stone Supplier, Black Lava Stone Tiles supplier, White Palimanan Sandstone Supplier, Yellow Palimanan Sandstone Supplier, Gray Andesite Stone Supplier, Slate Flagstone Tiles Supplier, Bali Kerobokan Sandstone Supplier, Cream Sandstone Tiles Supplier. That Natural Stone Indonesia has different appearance and function.

Our Supplier Bali Natural Stone Product

In this chapter, we will explain Product of Bali Natural Stone Product. There Our Bali Natural Stone Indonesia Product :

1. Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

Green Sukabumi Stone tiles Is one wonderful Green Natural Stone Indonesia. This Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles has apply by many luxury Hotel and Villa in he World. This Natural is very comfortable for Swimming Pool Tiles. We just can found this Green Natural Stone From Indonesia Country. Green Sukabumi Stone can make the swimming Pool has Clean water, Get elegant Green Natural Appearance, Anti slip material, Temperature stable, etc. For more Detail Please check Our Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Article : Click HERE

2. Bali Lava Stone Tiles

This Bali Lava Stone Tiles has unique Characteristic from Other Indonesia Natural Stone tiles. Bali Lava Stone Tiles has Tiny Hole system. This Tiny Hole system will make This Bali Lava Stone can flow by Air or Water. This Bali Lava Stone System make this Natural Stone always has cool Face. Bali Lava Stone Tiles Usually apply for Swimming Pool deck, Walling and flooring. This Natural Bali Lava Stone has Black Appearance.  For more Detail Black Bali Lava Stone, Please check this Article : Click HERE

3. White Palimanan Stone Tiles

There, Another Great Indonesia Natural Stone is White Palimanan Stone Tiles. This White Palimanan Stone has elegant White Classic Appearance. White Palimanan Stone usually apply for walling, flooring, Swimming Pool Deck, Flooring near swimming Pool. This White Palimanan Stone can cut to largest size, but we need more Thickness to keep it from crack or broken. White Palimanan Stone also good for flooring near swimming Pool because this Natural Stone has very smooth Surface. It’s make the People more comfortable walking without Foot wear.  For more Detail White Palimanan Stone, Please check this Article : Click HERE

4. Yellow Palimanan Stone

Elegant Natural Stone is Yellow Palimanan Stone. Yellow Palimanan Stone has Unique style from Another Natural Stone Tiles. Furthermore, This Elegant Yellow Palimanan Stone has Yellow Fiber. If we apply it for Walling or flooring, the fiber look Wood material. This Yellow Palimanan is one great choice to get wood Appearance with Natural Stone Tiles. Yellow Palimanan usually can apply for Walling, flooring, Swimming Pool deck, etc. This Yellow Palimanan Stone has smooth face and very comfortable for walking without footwear. For more Detail Yellow Palimanan Stone, Please check this Article : Click HERE

5. Gray Andesite Stone Tiles

Flamed Andesite Stone Tiles

Gray Andesite Stone Tiles is one hardness stone in the world. This Andesite Stone Tiles has High Hardness. Andesite Stone was form in High Temperature in Volcano mountain. This condition make this Andesite Stone Tiles can endurance in all condition. This one Natural Stone Tiles can apply for Paving. With Andesite Stone Tiles for Paving, it will not easy to crack or broken because the high hardness from this Andesite Stone Tiles. For more Detail Gray Andesite Stone tiles, Please check this Article : Click HERE

6. Slate Flagstone Tiles

Another Infinity Slate Flagstone tiles. This Natural Slate Flagstone Tiles has special characteristic from other Natural Stone tiles. Slate Flagstone Tiles has different thickness and has little brown line. This Characteristic make some Luxury Hotel apply this Brown Slate Flagstone Tiles. We will get Natural Surface with Different thickness of Natural Stone Walling. Slate Flagstone Tiles has great hardness and endurance like Andesite Stone Tiles. For more Detail Brown Slate Flagstone Tiles, Please check this Article : Click HERE

7. Bali Kerobokan Stone

Bali Kerobokan Stone is one Traditional Stone in Bali island. With apply this Gray Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles, We will get Traditional Bali feeling because the Traditional Building in Bali island has apply this Natural Stone Tiles for Wall and flooring. This Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles will give Gray appearance with some black spot. Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles can apply for Walling, Flooring and stairs. We recommended more high thickness for Flooring and Stairs because Kerobokan stone has soft material. More Detail Information about Bali Kerobokan Stone Tiles, Please visit : Click HERE

8. Cream Palimanan Stone

The last Natural Stone Indonesia we will tell from this Natural Stone Indonesia Article is Cream Palimanan Stone Tiles. Cream Palimanan Stone has same characteristic with White Sandstone Tiles. Cream Palimanan Stone Tiles has Elegant Golden Cream Apperance. This Natural Stone usually apply for Walling and Flooring near Swimming Pool. This Cream Palimanan Stone will more comfortable when walking without Footwear. This Natural Stone also has stable temperature. More Detail Information about Cream Palimanan Stone, Please visit : Click HERE

That is some explain about our Bali Natural Stone Tiles. For more detail Information about that Bali Natural Stone Indonesia, please check in the article or Contact Our Support Team. Our Support will very happy answer all of your question and problem.

Our Supplier Natural Stone Indonesia Packing and Shipping

Natural Stone Indonesia

We have choose best packing for our Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia. We are choose certificate ISPM standard packaging for Our Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia. Our Company Natural Stone Indonesia also added some strap belt and styrofoam to keep the Natural Stone Indonesia safe in ISPM box. Added Styrofoam will make the Natural Stone Indonesia not crack or Broken in the Wooden Box. It’s also important to fill empty Space.

ISPM is one international standard for Box packing. In wikipedia we can see ISPM (International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures) No. 15 (ISPM 15) is an International Phytosanitary Measure developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 6mm, used to ship products between countries. This Standard will make the Natural Stone more safe. We also use Iron Strap Belt to the ISPM Box. This function is keep the Wooden box always safe.

Our Bali Natural Stone Supplier has choose the better shipping for your Product. We will discuss with our Client to make best decision of Shipping schedule. Shipping Schedule and budget is very Important because it’s has many cost. But will will gives the best cost for the Shipping process. We also can provide insurance for the shipping Natural Stone Indonesia. Some Our Client is very wanted to using Insurance to keep it from risk. We always using best Container and Shipping To keep your Natural Stone Indonesia safe until the shipping process.

Our Indonesia Natural Stone Company

Company Natural Stone Indonesia is located in Central Java Indonesia. The Indonesia Natural Stone Company has professional worker, high technology machine, Great production area. Our Professional worker has many experience to selected best Export Quality Natural Stone Indonesia. Our professional worker can cut the precision size of Natural Stone Indonesia. We can send the product from Semarang Port. We can Provide LCL or FCL shipping.