Awesome Brown Slate Tiles – Flagstone Tiles Ledger Wall and Floor Stone

Awesome Brown Slate Stone Tiles unique Stone from another Natural Stone Indonesia. Brown Slate Stone Tiles has Different unique thickness. This make brown Slate Ledger Stone is has added value from another Natural Stone. Brown Ledger Tiles has unique Brown Appearance. Slate Ledger Stone Tiles can apply for Walling, flooring and also for Swimming Pool Wall. This Slate Stone has apply for many Luxury Hotel.

With Apply Ledger Stone we will get multi color of Natural Stone wall. Ledger Stone Walling has natural surface. This condition make Brown Slate Ledger Wall is very favorite by some people. Brown Slate Tiles material get from high temperature in Volcano. This Slate Tiles was formed with any layers. This layers has different thickness. This Brown Slate Tiles has little brown fiber make it like written from human.

Brown Slate Tiles can apply for Flooring and Walling. With special ledger Size we will get Little size of Slate stone Tiles, But some Wall also need with Larger Sizing to get elegant Slate view. Slate Tiles has many benefit for walling and flooring. To install Ledger Slate Tiles, we need professional worker. because this stone has different thickness. More Detail Information about This Slate Tiles Supplier, Don’t hesitate to contact Us.


Benefit of Brown Ledger Slate Tiles 

Brown Slate Tiles has many benefit for Walling. Benefit of Slate Tiles are Make the walling or flooring has elegant slate and Natural surface, Can endurance for long time, temperature more stable, etc. In this chapter we will explain some important surface from This Brown Slate Tiles. First, Brown Slate Tiles can make the walling has awesome Natural surface With different thickness. This special appearance from the Slate Tiles.

Cut To size Slate Flagstone Tiles

Brown Slate Tiles can make the Walling or Flooring has Stable Temperature Because Brown Ledger stone has natural Stable System. This stone has form by very high temperature in volcano. This ability make the Brown Slate Tiles will not very hot in normal temperature around 30-35 Celsius. Brown Slate Flagstone wall Tiles also can endurance for long time. This brown Slate Flagstone Wall tiles can more endurance because has high hardness like Andesite Stone. This make brown Slate Tiles not easy to broken or Crack.

Finishing and Sizing of Brown Slate Flagstone Wall Tiles

Finishing of Brown Slate Flagstone Wall tiles is just little, We can Finishing with Cut to size or random Size. This finishing very less from other natural stone Indonesia Tiles because Brown Slate Flagstone Wall Tiles has special different thickness. Brown Slate Flagstone Indonesia usually cut to size with different size. this different size will make the Walling more unique and interesting.

Java Slate Flagstone Stone Tiles

Brown Slate Flagstone Floor Tiles also can Finishing with Random irregular Size. Random Irregular Size will make our Brown Flagstone Floor Tiles has elegant Natural Random Size. This Finishing is more hard for install, so we need professional worker to install it. Brown Slate Flagstone Tiles with Random Irregular has Pattern make it easy for Install it. This Random Irregular is favorite finishing of Brown Flagstone Floor tiles.

Cut To Size 30 x 30 cm

Sizing Flagstone Tiles we usually process is 5 x 10 cm, 10 x 10 cm, 20 x 20 cm, 20 x 10 cm, 30 x 30 cm, 40 x 40 cm, etc. Our Brown Flagstone Floor Tiles Size can order by our Client. We also can process random Size to make your Walling and Flooring more Infinity. More Information about Brown Slate Ledger Tiles, Please don’t hesitate to contact Us.

Application of Brown Flagstone Tiles

Slate Stone Tiles can apply for Walling and Flooring. There some amazing Slate Flagstone Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles Application

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