Elegant White Palimanan Stone Tiles – Paras Super Bali Limestone Indonesia

White Palimanan Stone Tiles Description

White Palimanan Stone is one stone famous from Indonesia Country. This White Palimanan Stone Tiles has Apply by many luxury and Infinity Hotel in the World. Palimanan Stone Tiles has White Classic appearance. Therefore Palimanan White Stone also has smooth face. In Indonesia Country this Palimanan White Stone Tiles also know as Paras Super White Palimanan Limestone. Paras Super White Palimanan Stone is a natural stone with soft rock stone.

Paras Super White Palimanan Indonesia has soft rock type, but we can keep it for long time with add the thickness. Our Recommendation for Paras Super White Palimanan Indonesia thickness is 2 cm. This thickness is enough to keep this White Natural Stone Indonesia from Crack and Broken. White Palimanan Stone is more easy to process from another Natural Stone Indonesia.This is because Palimanan White Stone has hardness less than other Natural Stone.

Paras Super White Palimanan Limestone can mining  in Java, Indonesia. White Palimanan Limestone Tiles usually Apply to make Elegant White Classic Walling or flooring. White Palimanan Limestone also can apply to Swimming Pool deck or Swimming Pool Wall. Paras Super Bali Limestone Indonesia has many benefit for swimming Pool Deck. For detail benefit of White Bali Limestone  please check chapter Bali Limestone Application.

Benefit of Paras Super White Palimanan Indonesia

Largest White Limestone Tiles

Paras Super White Palimanan has many benefit for Walling, Flooring and Swimming Pool Deck. This Bali Limestone benefit are Make the Flooring has Smooth Face, has elegant White Classic Appearance, Temperature can more stable, not slip etc. First, benefit of White Bali Limestone can make the flooring has smooth face. This Smooth Face make the flooring is very comfortable walking without Foot wear. The White Bali Palimanan Limestone Tiles to get smooth face can apply for flooring near swimming Pool, Indoor room, Outdoor for walking without Foot Wear.

White Bali Limestone also has elegant White classic appearance that can make awesome walling. In some cases, White Bali Limestone Walling is give elegant purity Color. White Bali Limestone Tiles also can make with largest size to get amazing Large Flooring. White Palimanan Limestone also can absorb heat from sunny place. This Condition make the White Bali Palimanan Stone can more stable temperature.

White Bali Palimanan Stone also has anti slip face. This make this stone is very safe for walking without Foot wear. In some cases White Palimanan Natural Stone has low weight from other Natural Stone. It’s make we can install White Bali Palimanan Stone more easy. For more Detail and purchase White Palimanan Stone, Don’t hesitate to contact Us. Our Bali Natural Stone will ready to give best price to your White Bali Limestone Tiles Project.

White Bali Limestone Tiles Lab Test

We has test White Bali Limestone Tiles with professional company. The Lab Test is very important for Some Architect to analysis This White Limestone Tiles. There the result from lab test of White Palimanan Limestone Tiles :

From that lab test we are know, White Palimanan is not a good Indonesia Natural Stone Tiles for Swimming Pool Tiles because has high rate water absorption. But, This Stone is Good for walling or Swimming Pool deck.

Size and Finishing White Palimanan Limestone Tiles 

White Palimanan Limestone Tiles can form to many finishing. The Finishing from White Palimanan Limestone usually order by our Client are Sawn Cut (Cut to size), Honed, Honed + Sealant, Rough Face, Irregular Random and Bush Hammered . Sawn Cut Finishing make White Palimanan Limestone Tiles has cut to size but not very smooth face because it’s just cut from machine. Sawn Cut Finishing for Palimanan Limestone Tiles is good for Wall that not need Smooth Face.

The another Finishing is Honed Finishing. This Finishing is get Smooth Face. Usually applied for Flooring to make it comfortable for walking without foot wear. White Limestone Tiles also can process to get Rough Face. It’s Called Rough Face Finishing.  With Rough Face White Limestone Tiles, we will get natural face of White Palimanan Tiles. White Palimanan Tiles also can Process to get Irregular Random Finishing. This Irregular Finishing is one favorite finishing because has unique style from other finishing. Usually This White Palimanan Tiles Irregular Random Finishing apply to get Infinity Walling.

Irregular Random Finishing
Bush Hammered Finishing

The Last finishing usually order by our client is Bush Hammered Finishing. This Finishing make white Limestone Tiles has rough surface but the thickness is same. This Finishing apply to get more elegant White Classic Stone. Some finishing with Cut To size, White Palimanan Tiles can cut to many size. Our Recommendation for the White Palimanan Tiles are 30 x 30 x 2 cm, 60 x 30 x 2 cm, 10 x 10 x 1 cm, 20 x 10 x (1 to 2) cm, 20 x 20 x (1 to 2) cm, etc. The largest size from our Recommendation keep it from crack and very elegant. For more Detail don’t hesitate to contact Bali Natural Stone Supplier in here.

Packing, Stuffing and Shipping of White Palimanan Tiles

We have choose best packing for our Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia. We are choose certificate ISPM standard packaging for Our Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia. Our Natural Stone Indonesia Company also added some strap belt and styrofoam to keep the Natural Stone Indonesia safe in ISPM box. Added Styrofoam will make the Natural Stone Indonesia not crack or Broken in the Wooden Box. It’s also important to fill empty Space.

White Palimanan Stone Packaging
White Limestone Tiles Random Packaging

For Stuffing we are using Professional Forklift and Worker. After Stuffing, Your Natural Stone Indonesia will sent to your country with Professional Cargo and container. There some Photos about Stuffing Process :

Our Packaging
Stuffing Process

Elegant White Limestone Tiles Application 

White Limestone Tiles can Apply to many Building Part like Walling, Flooring, Swimming Pool Deck, Stairsc etc. Apply this White Palimanan Stone Tiles will make our Building more elegant and has infinity White Appearance. There Some Application White Limestone Tiles :

White Palimanan Limestone Walling
Little Size White Palimanan Wall Tiles
Special White Palimanan Wall Tiles
Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Bali (White Palimanan Flooring and Pool deck)
Source : www.travelandleisureasia.com
Villa Anavaya, Koh Samui, Thailand Elegant Flooring
(Source : www.booking.com)
Samujana Villas, Koh Hamui, Thailand (White Limestone Tiles) 
Source : Instagram/spearsmagazine