Review : Malouna Villa, Thailand with Green Sukabumi Stone

Malouna Villa Koh Samui offers many services and facilities for us. We can find an infinite pool, beach view, white sand, comfortable bedroom and good service. We will enjoy our vacation in this villa. Just by on foot, we can see the beach view and white sand. This villa is located near a spa service, so we can get relax after our working days.

Bali Stone Tiles
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Swimming Pool with Bali Stone

In Malouna Villa, we can play golf near this villa. This villa is located near market, so we can get things from Thailand, for example souvenir. The market provides delicious foods and culinary of Thailand. We can see some festivals of the local tradition. The festival near this hotel gives a new experience for us.

Natural Green Pool Tiles
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The best facility from Malouna Villa is the Natural Infinite Swimming Pool. This pool applied Green Sukabumi Stone. This stone is the best natural stone for swimming pool because it can give an infinite look, cheap, durable for a long time, natural look, clean, suitable in water, etc. This stone is applied in many villas and hotel in the world.

Bali Stone Tiles Swimming Pool
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Malouna Villa Koh Samui applied Bali Stone Tiles for pool tiles and pool wall. This combination makes the pool has a natural color of green. For more information about this stone, please don’t hesitate to contact us. This stone can make the water clean and fresh.

Natural Green Pool Tiles
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That is our review about Malouna Villa, Thailand with Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles. For more reviews, please check on our website. We will be ready to answer all of your questions. Please contact us.

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