Review : Kadiga Villa Ubud, Bali (Green Sukabumi Stone, Black Lava Stone)

Kadiga Villa Ubud was built with traditional culture. The building, walling and flooring has a taditional style. We can feel the culture of Bali in this villa. This villa was built using the Natural stone for the walling and flooring.

Lava Pool Tiles Pool Deck
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Kadiga Villa Ubud applied green and black stone on the swimming pool. This villa applied Green Sukabumi Stone for the swimming pool. There are many Bali Swimming Pool used this stone. This stone can make the swimming pool comfortable and elegant.

Bali Swimming Pool Tiles
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Black Lava Pool Tiles
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Combination of Green Sukabumi Stone and Black Lava Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone makes the swimming pool green, clean from microorganism, anti slip, fresh, has a stable temperature, and durable in all conditions (high pressure water). This stone has a Zeolite substance that can kill the microorganism in the swimming pool. This stone has a good hardness.

Green Bali Swimming Pool Tiles
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The black stone is Black Lava Stone. This stone is also good for swimming pool because this stone is anti slip. The tiny holes of the stone can make the water and the air flow well. This stone is also applied for the pool deck.

Green Swimming Pool Tiles and Lava Pool Tiles
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The swimming pool of Kadiga Villa Ubud combined Green Sukabumi Stone and Black Lava Pool Tiles that make the swimming pool look elegant and beautiful.

That is our review about Kadiga Villa Ubud. We hope this article can give you information about this villa. For more details, please contact us.

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