Review : Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Bali (Green Sukabumi Stone, White Palimanan Stone)

Menjangan Dynasty Resort is located near a beach. It has a large swimming pool and some small swimming pools. This resort is recommended to stay and visit. We can see a view of sea from the swimming pool. This design can be found in Menjangan Resort.

Bali Green Stone for Pool
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Menjangan Resort provides many services and facilities, such as diving and beach glamping. Many people go to this resort for diving. We can have a glamping in this beach. Glamping beach is popular among travelers. We can sleep in a camp with a beautiful night and beach. We should try this service to get a beautiful vacation.

Bali Green Stone Tiles
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Green Stone Tiles
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Amazing Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

Menjengan Resort has green swimming pool with natural stone. The natural stone has some benefits for the swimming pool. It is Sukabumi Green Stone Tiles. This stone has a Zeolite substance that can destroy the microorganisms. So, the swimming pool will be fresh. This stone is anti slip and durable in all conditions. This stone was also applied on the diving pool in Menjengan Resort ( check our video). This application shows us that this stone can endure a high temperature.

White Palimanan Stone Pool Deck
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Menjengan Dynasty Resort also applied White Palimanan Stone for the pool deck. The combination of White Palimanan Stone and Green Sukabumi Stone makes the swimming pool look beautiful. White Palimanan Stone has a smooth surface. It is comfortable to walk barefoot on this stone.

Random Irregular White Palimanan Stone
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That is our review about Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Bali. We hope this article can give you information about this resort. For more reviews, please check on our website. For more information about Natural Stone Tiles, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be ready to answer all of your questions. Thanks for reading.

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