Review : Nayara Springs, Costa Rica (Green Sukabumi Stone)

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica has a 4 star hotel service. We can get many facilities, such as bar, laundry, restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, etc. We will be satisfied with the service. This hotel has a nature concept. We can feel the nature in our vacation after the long workdays.

The Green Natural Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pool
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The Swimming Pool was built using natural stones from Indonesia. The stone is Green Sukabumi Stone. This stone is a famous tile in the world because it has many benefits for the swimming pool. The benefits are stable temperature, clean, anti slip, strong and durable, etc.

Awesome Pool with Green Natural Sukabumi Stone
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We will explain some benefits of Green Sukabumi Natural Stone . First, this stone will make the temperature of the swimming pool stable because this stone can absorb the heat from the swimming pool. Next, this stone can make the swimming pool clean and fresh because this stone has a Zeolite Substance. This substance will kill the microorganism in the swimming pool. This substance is also used as a water purifier.

Inifnity Natural Sukabumi Stone TilesĀ  for Pool
Source : Instagram/nayarahotels

Infinite Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone has a great hardness and density. This stone can survive from a high pressure of the swimming pool. This stone can survive in a deep swimming pool. This stone is anti slip. It is important thing that the swimming pool should be safe for walking.

Swimming Pool with Green Natural Sukabumi Stone
Source : Instagram/nayarahotels

That is all review about Nayara Springs, Costa Rica. We hope this article can give you information. For more information about Green Sukabumi Stone, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will answer all of your questions.

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