Review : Pandawa Beach Villas and Spa, Bali (Green Sukabumi Tiles, White Palimanan Tiles)

Pandawa Beach Villas is very Elegant Villa because near pandawa Beach. This Pandawa Beach has elegant Beach scenery. Pandawa Beach is one famous Beach in Bali Island. We also live near this pandawa beach in Pandawa Beach Villas and Spa. Pandawa Beach Villa and Spa provide many Facilities and service like Spa, Swimming Pool, Beach, Comfortable Room, etc.

Green Sukabumi Tiles Swimming Pool
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Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles
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Pandawa Beach Villas apply some Natural Stone for Swimming Pool and Walling. Swimming Pool is Apply Green Sukabumi Tiles. Green Sukabumi Tiles give some elegant Green Concept like Nature view. Green Sukabumi Tiles is one great choice for swimming Pool because Green Sukabumi Tiles make the pool clean from Microorganism with Zeolite Substance.

White Palimanan Tiles Pool Deck 
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The Special Green Sukabumi Tiles Benefit

Another Special Green Sukabumi Tiles benefit is can endurance in high pressure Water in Swimming Pool. It’s make the Swimming Pool not easy to broken or crack. Green Sukabumi tiles also make the Swimming Pool anti slip and It has Stable Temperature. More Detail about this Stone, Please Read our article about Green Sukabumi Stone. In that article we will give detail information about this Natural Stone.

Green Sukabumi Swimming Pool Tiles
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Another Natural Stone apply by Pandawa Beach Villas is White Palimanan Tiles. White Palimanan Tiles has awesome White Classic Appearance. White Palimanan Tiles apply for Swimming Pool Deck. This Stone has smooth face, It’s make the Swimmer very comfortable walking in this Tiles. White Palimanan Tiles is soft rokck, so we need more  thickness to keep it endurance in all situation.

White Palimanan Tiles Pool Deck
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