Review : The Royal Pita Maha, Bali (Green Sukabumi Stone, Yellow Palimanan Stone)

The Royal Pita Maha Bali has private villas and a special swimming pool. This villa is located in a forest. We can find a private villa in Bali. We will be comfortable and feel the nature. This villa is located in a hill. It provides many facilities and services.

Palimanan Yellow Stone
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Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles
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If we want to stay in a natural place, we can choose The Royal Pita Maha Bali. This villa has a private house and swimming pool. This villa made the swimming pool using natural stone. The swimming Pool Tiles are Green Sukabumi Stone and the pool deck and flooring is Yellow Palimanan Stone. Green Sukabumi Stone has a natural color of green.

Palimanan Yellow Sandstone
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Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool

Green Sukabumi Stone has been applied in many swimming pools in the world. This stone is so famous because it has many benefits for the swimming pool. This stone makes the swimming pool comfortable, free from microorganism, fresh, stable temperature, anti slip, and look green. These Stone Tiles have a Zeolite substance that can kill the microorganism.

Yellow Palimanan Stone Pool Deck
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Green Sukabumi Stone is a rare stone because the quarry can be found only in Indonesia. This stone can be applied for wall or flooring. But, it is the best for swimming pool. To get the best quality, we should choose the right supplier. So, the stone will be easy to install.

Palimanan Yellow Stone Flooring
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Palimanan Yellow Stone is a soft stone. This stone has yellow lines, like a wood. This stone can be applied for pool deck. The pool deck will be comfortable for walking barefoot.

That is our review about The Royal Pita Maha, Bali. We hope this article can give you information about this villa.

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