Review : Tri Lanka Hotel, Sri Lanka (Green Sukabumi Stone)

Tri Lanka Hotel is a great hotel in Sri Lanka. This hotel was built around a forest. We will feel the nature in this hotel. This hotel was built using natural stones. We will get a great experience staying in this hotel.

Greeen Bali Sukabumi Tiles for Pool
(Source : Instagram/tri_lanka)
Bali Sukabumi Tiles for Pool
(Source : Instagram/tri_lanka) 

Tri Lanka Hotel applied Natrual Stone for the flooring and the swimming pool. The swimming pool applied Green Sukabumi Stone. This stone has many benefits for the swimming pool. This stone has been applied in many swimming pools in the world because it can make the swimming pool comfortable to use.

Sukabumi Tiles
(Source : Instagram/tri_lanka)

The Beauty of Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Tiles has a zeolite substance that makes the swimming pool clean and fresh. This substance can clean the microorganisms. This stone is anti slip, has a normal temperature, durable, etc. This stone just can be found in Indonesia.

Green Bali Sukabumi Tiles
(Source : Instagram/tri_lanka)
Awesome Bali Sukabumi Tiles
(Source : Instagram/tri_lanka)

Green Sukabumi Stone was applied for Pool Tiles and pool wall. It is applied in a bathroom in some villas too. For more information about this stone, please contact us. Our team will give the best offer and detail information. That is our review about Tri Lanka Villa. We hope this article give you information about this villa. For more information, please read our articles on the website.

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