Traditional Bali Kerobokan Stone – Gray Stone for Wall

Bali Kerobokan Limestone is a great stone from Indonesia. We can feel the culture of Bali from this stone. This stone gives a good look for walling or flooring. This stone can be found in Java, Indonesia. Kerobokan Stone Tiles have been applied in many traditional building in Bali. This stone has unique characteristics.

Bali Kerobokan Stone has a gray color with some black spots. This stone is recommended for wall. Many hotels in Bali applied this stone for wall to get the look of Bali culture. This is a soft rock stone, so it should be thick to keep it safe and strong.

Benefits of Bali Kerobokan Stone

Bali Kerobokan Stone has many benefits for walling and flooring. This stone will make the wall and floor look traditional, has stable temperature, gives Bali feel, anti slip, etc. We will explain some benefits of Bali Kerobokan Stone. Bali Limestone Kerobokan gives traditional feeling. With the right design, we will get an awesome walling. We will feel the traditional culture of Bali from this stone.

Alila Villas Soori, Bali (Kerobokan Wall)
Source : Instagram/panji_abdurrachman

Bali Kerobokan Stone makes the temperature stable because this stone has natural materials. This stone is good for flooring near a swimming pool because this stone is comfortable for walking barefoot. This stone makes the flooring safe for walking because this stone is anti slip.

Finishing and Sizes of Bali Kerobokan Stone

The finishing of Bali Kerobokan Stone are Sawn Cut and Honed Finishing. Sawn Cut Finishing is a machine cut finish. The surface of Sawn Cut Finishing is not really smooth because the surface has scratches of machine cut. To get a smooth surface, we can choose Honed Finishing.

Bali Kerobokan Stone (Sawn Cut)

Natural Stone with Honed Finishing is a process after Sawn Cut. Honed Finish will make the surface smoother than before. We need Honed Finish if we want to apply it for flooring. The floor will be comfortable for walking barefoot.

Some clients ordered a special size. We can make a special size for this stone, such as hexagonal, polygonal or random size.

Bali Kerobokan Stone (Honed)

The sizes that we recommend for Bali Kerobokan Stone are 10 x 10 x  (1 to 2) cm, 20 x 10 x (1 to 2) cm, 20 x 20 x 2 cm, 30 x 30 x (2 to 3) cm, etc. The thickness that we recommend for walling is 1 – 2 cm. We will cut the size in precision +/- 1 mm from the order. For a custom size and thickness, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Applications of Bali Kerobokan Stone

Bali Kerobokan Stone can be applied for walling and flooring. Below are some applications of Bali Kerobokan Stone :

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Ubud (Kerobokan Walling)
Source :  
Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, Bali (Bali Kerobokan Wall Tiles)
Source : Instagram/feastbali
Hideaway Villas Uluwatu (Indoor Kerobokan Wall)
Source : Instagram/hellolesabricots

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