Awesome Cream Palimanan Stone Tile – Cream Bali Limestone Tiles

Cream Palimanan Stone Tiles has same characteristic with White Palimanan Stone. Different from of this Natural Stone is the appearance. Palimanan Cream Limestone has elegant Cream Appearance, white Palimanan has white classic Appearance. Cream Palimanan Stone can found in Java, Indonesian. This Cream Palimanan Stone can apply for walling, Flooring and Swimming pool deck.


Cream Palimanan Stone smooth surface. it’s make this stone is more comfortable walking without foot wear. The Cream Palimanan Stone is soft rock type stone. We need add the thickness to keep the Cream Natural stone safe. High Thickness will make the Cream Natural Stone bot easy to crack or broken. Cream Limestone also know as Golden Cream Natural Stone Indonesia. This Cream Stone Tiles has apply by many luxury hotel like Amanjiwo in Yogyakarta.

Therefore Cream Limestone can form to big Size to get Luxury Flooring. But for Big size Cream Palimanan Limestone Tiles, we need to add the Thickness. This Elegant Cream Limestone Tiles will make the Flooring more interesting from Another Natural Stone. To process this Stone, we just need little time of Cream Limestone Tiles.

Benefit of Cream Limestone Tiles

Cream Limestone Tiles has same benefit with White Palimanan Limestone. Benefit of Cream Palimanan Stone are make Elegant Golden Cream Appearance, Anti slip surface, Can Cut to large Size, Absorb heat, etc. We will explain some benefit of Cream Palimanan Stone from this chapter. First, Cream Palimanan Stone has Golden Cream Appearance. This Appearance is give like Elegant Cream Color and make the visitor feeling like Natural Sand Place.

Cream Limestone Tiles

Cream Limestone Tiles also can apply for Swimming Pool. deck or swimming Pool Flooring. This Application make the flooring or swimming Pool deck more comfortable because Golden Cream Limestone Tiles has Smooth face and it’s not slip face. This condition will make the Swimmer will comfortable walking in that Cream Palimanan Stone without foot wear. More comfortable, when in sunny condition, This Natural can absorb the heat and make the Surface has normal temperature.

Last benefit from Cream Palimanan Stone Tiles is can make to large size. Usually this stone can cut to 30 x 60 x 2 cm. But when we make Largest size of Cream Stone tiles, we need added more thickness from 2 – 3 cm. This Thickness will keep the Cream Natural Stone Indonesia from crack or Broken. we also can make Cream Limestone Tiles to another special size. For more Information, Please don’t hesitate to contact Us.

Finisihing and Sizing of Cream Palimanan Stone Tiles

Cream Palimanan Tiles can Finishing with some Finishing. We can make Amazing Cream Palimanan Tiles with Sawn Cut Finishing, Honed, Random Irregular, Rough Face, etc. First Finishing is Sawn Cut Cream Palimanan Tiles. Sawn Cut Finishing will make the Cream Palimanan Tiles has Cut to size. This make this Stone has same size with the order. But This Finishing will not make Cream Limestone Tiles Get Smooth Face.

To get smooth Face we need added Honed finishing. This Finishing will make Our Cream Palimanan Limestone Tiles has Smooth Surface. Sawn Cut Finishing is good apply for Walling, but for Swimming Pool deck or Flooring we need added Honed Finishing. The flooring or Pool deck With Honed Cream Limestone Tiles, will make it more comfortable for walking without use Footwear.

Cream Palimanan Rough Face

The Cream Palimanan Tiles also can make rough face finishing. Rough Face Finishing will make Our Cream Palimanan Tiles get Elegant Natural Surface. This Elegant Natural Surface usually for making Wall. We also can apply Cream Limestone Tiles with Random Irregular Finishing. This Random Irregular Finishing will make our Cream Limestone Tiles has Natural Size and Surface. It’s make The Walling feel like Natural Wall.

Random Size Cream Limestone Tiles

We can cut Cream Limestone Tiles to any Size. Some Size we can cut to Cream Limestone Tiles are 10 x 10 x (1 to 2) cm, 20 x 10 x (1 to 2) cm, 20 x 20 x 2 cm, 30 x 30 x 2 cm, etc. This some Size we usually make to our Client. This Sizing Usually apply for Sawn Cut and Honed. For Rough Face Finishing, We will get different thickness around 1 to 3 cm. More Information about This Cream Limestone tiles, Please don’t hesitate to contact Us.

Application of Cream Palimanan Tiles

Cream Palimanan Tiles can Apply to Flooring and Walling. There some Elegant Application using Cream Palimanan Tiles :

Ivory Cream Stone Tiles for Wall and Flooring
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Cream Palimanan Stone for Wall
Cream Palimanan Stone Tiles for Stairs
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