Green Sukabumi Stone – Balinese Natural Tiles

About Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone is a wonderful Natural Stone Tiles . This stone has been applied in many hotels in the world because this stone has many benefits for the swimming pool . This stone has a natural color of green. This stone can be applied for pool tiles, pool wall, bathroom walling, etc.


Green Sukabumi Stone is known as Balinese Pool Tiles. In Bali, we will see many villas and hotel applied this stone. It can make the pool clean because this Pool Tiles has a Zeolite Substance. This substance kills the microorganism. This substance is usually applied to purify the water from microorganisms.

Green Sukabumi Stone has another benefit for swimming pools. This stone is strong and durable in all conditions, anti slip, stable temperature, natural color, and low absorption rate. We can feel a natural pool with this stone.

The quarry of this stone can be found in Indonesia. This stone is very exclusive. Many countries had purchased this stone from our company. You will get a premium quality of Green Sukabumi Stone. For more information, please contact us.

Green Sukabumi Stone (Sample)

Benefits of Green Sukabumi Stone

We will tell you about the benefit of Green Sukabumi Stone.

Green Sukabumi Tiles has a stable temperature. The swimming pool will keep cold and comfortable for swimming. This stone can absorb the heat. This stone is strong and durable. This stone has a good hardness, so it will not be crack or break easily. This stone can endure the high pressure of swimming pool. This stone can be used in a deep swimming pool, for example a diving pool.

Kadiga Villas Ubud, Bali
(Source :

Green Sukabumi Stone makes the swimming pool safe because it is not slippery. This stone is a great choice for swimming pool.

This stone has a low absorption rate. So, we will not spend much water for the swimming pool.

Substances of Green Sukabumi Stone

In this chapter, we will tell you about the substance of Green Sukabumi Stone. It is important for architects to analyse the stone. The substances are :

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Laboratory Test

Green Sukabumi Stone has been tested in a professional Lab in Indonesia. On the table above, we can see that the ph is neutral and low absorption rate. So, this stone is great for swimming pool application.

Hanging Garden of Bali
(Source :

Green Sukabumi Stone’s Size 

Green Sukabumi Stone can be cut to many sizes. We recommend some sizes for your project that is usually ordered by our customer. The recommended size is 10 x 10 x 1 cm. This size will make the swimming pool durable because small size is hard to break or crack. The other recommended sizes are 20 x 20 x 1 cm, 20 x 10 x 1 cm, 15 x 15 x 1 cm. These sizes are also good for pool tiles. For more durability, we can add the thickness to be 2 cm. For another size, please contact our team.

Sawn Cut Green Sukabumi Stone

Finishing of Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone has three finishing. The finishing are Sawn Cut, Honed and Rough Face Finishing. Sawn Cut is the cheapest finishing. Sawn Cut is cut to size process. This finishing is not really smooth, but it is also good for pool tiles.

Honed Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles

Honed Finishing. This finishing has a smooth surface. This is the best finishing for pool tiles. Honed finishing is applied to get comfortable tiles. People will be comfortable to walk on this stone.

The last finishing that is usually ordered by our client is Rough Face Finishing.

Honed Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles

Rough Face Finishing has a natural stone surface. The thickness is around 1-3 cm. We need more space to pack and need more material to make. This finishing needs more time to process. The walling or swimming pool will look natural using this finishing.

Packing, Stuffing and Shipping of Green Sukabumi Stone

We choose the best packing for our stone. We choose certificate ISPM standard packaging for our stone. We added some strap belts and styrofoam to keep stone safe in the ISPM box. It is important to fill the empty space. Below is our packing :

Product Packing Sukabumi Tiles
Another Green Sukabumi Tiles Packing
Example ISPM Packing
Stuffing Process Natural Stone Indonesia

Applications of Green Sukabumi Stone

Green Sukabumi Stone can be applied for pool tiles, walling, pool wall, walling and flooring. Below are some applications of Green Sukabumi Stone.

Rough Face Green Sukabumi Wall Tiles
Hibiscus Borneo, Malaysia (Rough Face Green Pool Wall Tiles)
Source : Instagram/junglerunner
Tri Lanka Hotel, Sri Lanka (Swimming Pool Tiles)
Source : Instagram/srilankarondreis
Wonderful Soneva Fushi Resort in Maldives
(Source :
Kudat Riviera Sabah Malaysia (Green Sukabumi Wall Tiles)
Source : Youtube/YT Zara Bentley

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