Review : Luxury Anantara Mai Kao Phuket, Thailand (Green Sukabumi Stone)

Luxury Anantara Mai Kao is located in Phuket, Thailand. This villa has some private buildings with different design and material. This villa gives many facilities, such as mattress, bathroom, private swimming pool, garden, etc. We will be satisfied to have a vacation in this villa.

Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles
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The best facility from Luxury Anantara Mai Kao is the private swimming pool. These swimming pools have some concepts. One of them is using green and blue ceramic. The swimming pool looks colorful and interesting. Ceramic is a good choice for a swimming pool because it is cheaper than the other materials.

Natural Green Sukabumi
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The Applications of Green Sukabumi Stone

The other swimming pool in Luxury Anantara Mai Kao applied Green Sukabumi Stone. This stone is more expensive than the other materials because this stone is exclusive and rare. Green Sukabumi Stone gives many benefits for the swimming pool.

Natural Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles
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Green Sukabumi Stone makes the swimming pool has a natural color of green, anti slip, stable temperature, clean, fresh, etc. This stone is great for swimming pool. Applied Natural Green Sukabumi Stone will make the swimming pool look exclusive and luxurious.

Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles
(Source : Instagram/khom_siri)

Green Sukabumi Stone can be found only in Indonesia. So, this stone is exclusive. It is usually applied in many hotels in the world, especially in Bali, Phuket, Maldives, etc. For more information about this stone, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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