Review : Kayumanis Villa Ubud, Bali (Green Sukabumi Stone, Black Lava Stone)

Kayumanis Villa Ubud Bali is a famous Villa in Bali. This villa provides many facilities, such as swimming pool, laundry and bar. Kayumanis is the icon of this hotel. It wants to show the natural concept. We can see the nature view in this hotel.

Green Stone Sukabumi Tiles for Swimming Pool
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Kayumanis Villa Ubud Bali applied some Natural Stone Indonesia. Some walling and pool deck applied Black Lava Stone. Black Lava Stone is a famous stone. It was applied in Borobudur Temple. This stone was applied on the wall in Kayumanis Villa. The finishing is Random Irregular Finishing.

Black Lava Stone Tiles for Bath Shower
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Black Lava Stone can be applied for wet and dry application. This stone has many benefits for the pool deck and walling. This stone has a stable temperature. This stone can absorb the heat. This stone has an auto cooling system from the holes.

Black Lava Stone is strong and durable for a long time. For more details about this stone, please check on our article.

Black Lava Stone Tiles for Walling and Pool Deck
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The Natural Green Sukabumi Stone

Another natural stone applied in Kayumanis Ubud Bali is Green Stone Sukabumi. This stone is the best stone for pool tiles. This stone makes the swimming pool fresh and clean. This stone has Zeolite substances. This substance will make the water clean from microorganisms because it can kill the microorganisms in the water.

Green Stone Sukabumi Tiles for Swimming Pool
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Another Green Stone Sukabumi for Swimming Pool
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Green Sukabumi Stone is anti slip. The swimming pool will be safe for walking barefoot. This stone is strong and durable for a long time and in all conditions. This stone can be used for a high pressure pool. This stone is the best choice for Pool Tiles .

Swimming Pool with Sukabumi Tiles
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That is our review about Kayumanis Villa Ubud, Bali. For more reviews, please check on our website. For more details about our stone, especially Green Sukabumi and Black Lava Stone, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be ready to answer all of your questions.